The Little Me and The Big-Arse Feminism

What the hell does gender inequality mean? What was the person who invented that word high on? Why would anyone still accept that women are or should be under men in 2017?
I’m not a feminist; not because I support the oppression of women but coz in life we only get what we deserve – or don’t. Men hurt women, women hurt men. If a girl stabs me to death today, I’m sure my ghost would understand I deserve it. Maybe the dumb ghost may not figure out how. Well, let’s leave the ghost story for some other time.

What do you know about the war of the sexes? Men feel women should be the ones dying for them. Women feel men should be the ones slaving for them. Women feel men should treat them better. Men feel women should stoop lower for them. Who is actually treated worse? Fuck that shit! There are as much women hurting men as there are men hurting women. Fuck your tears babe, I have my own pains. Don’t cry me a river sweet-heart, I know why I drink. Go home with your pussy wet, my dick is on vacation.


When he comes back home and hits you, stay awake all night and plan his accident and or death. If he doesn’t bring out money, bring out yours’, ask him to fuck off or you shut the fuck up. If he insists you do all his chores, drag him to your place and ask him to do yours’ first. If he forces himself on you, promise him a blow-job and bite off his manhood – rubbish! Just don’t raise your voice behind some dude you can’t face; some dude you gave the freedom to mess your life up – face the mudafucker and get the fight done with. Life is not the dream TV sold us – I’m a fucked up script-writer; I can tell you that for sure. Feminists should listen to Chimamanda’s The Danger of a Single Story. American and European men don’t treat their women better than African and Asian men do. The only things they have are laws that make it seem they do.


I have a mother, three sisters, aunties and I get lucky with girls sometimes. I’ve fed them shit and they’ve served me urine. I comfort them and they soothe my pains. They cry on my shoulder – I know what it takes me to hold back my tears (when I do anyway). I’ve seen men cry. I’ve watched boys walk through the valley of the shadow of death, searching for love. I’ve watched men get drunk, go crazy, lose sleep and appetite and do things far beyond human imagination for the girls they think they love. I know women who rule their husband, run down men, build nations, kill men and do things men are too ashamed to admit. Who am I kidding – I’m also talking about myself and the people I know through experience and deep study. Sometimes, I get mad at girls but come on, I’m an arsehole. I fuck girls up sometimes, so I understand when I see a girl frustrated about men – but to go to the extreme of feeling they get the worst of everything? I just don’t get it!

I can’t be a feminist coz feminism is subjective to the realities of man and woman relationship. They say men do this, men do that. They say men are why they are weak but forget they call themselves weak more. They say we maltreat them but forget they maltreat themselves as much as we do. They say we stole their voice – I wonder what they say that with. They blame us for gender inequality and forget it starts with gender inferiority. I don’t see the essence of having pity on women coz pity doesn’t solve anything. I don’t get the idea of making young girls fight for a better that doesn’t and can’t exist. Women don’t deserve pity, no one does. Men are not evil and women are not saints. I am a humanist; open to understand the affairs of women as I hope they understand ours. Feminism is that façade limiting that. Men are not stronger than women. Women are not dumber than men. Gender inequality is just some term academicians use to make their publication popular – it doesn’t exist. So, what is feminism really all about? Why can’t women see how it steals their voice? Why should I be a party to that? No, I love women too much to become a feminist.


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