Charged Up

I’m charged up!


Echoes of hope, yeah!

I feel like I can say anything I wanna say.

I’m charged up!

I don’t care what happens after now.

But I wish I could kill every Nigerian politician –

Those old men are getting my hommies mad, you know.

Well, thank God for age and suicide.

I wish I can cure America of their madness;

They are insane to think they are the world power.

Give Nigeria 35 years more and see what happens

Shut up if you can’t catch a dream!

I’m charged up!

I feel I can use a little bragging here!

I’m the voice of the future

Dreams I caught from Olamide in Fela’s shrine

I’ll speak till it comes –

Nigeria needs a dream,

Since the American Dream is a fraud!

Wait… You no know?

I’m charged up!

I’m charged up!

Fuck these blind rusty corporations!

The Nigerians I know ain’t the ones on my screen,

But creatives have to pay their bills,

In a country where the artists are cursed 

By those they slave for.

I can see the future –

It’s on the wings of the young and heartless;

Warriors who would cause wars 

That’d lead to a holocaust on judgement,

In the hell of self acclaimed saints.

Yeah! That’s what my country is!

Yeah, Nollywood is the only hope alive,

And fuck anybody who looks to the west –

No slave owner wants to loose his slaves.

But if Olauda Equiano could buy himself out,

Nollywood would buy the black nation back their pride.

You’re dumb if you can’t see the writing…

I’m charged up!

I can see the future,

And it’s led by women

They look like Chimamanda and Beyoncé…

I’m charged up!

Today, I’ve turned into a murderer –

Fuck guns, real killers use pictures,

Painted across the net…

Today I’ve turned a criminal;

God bless your mind

If I don’t get to fuck with it.

I’m charged up!

I’m charged up!

I don’t just suck pussies,

I finger minds…

I’m charged up – 

You’re about to get fucked up!

I’m charged up!

I’m not here to change the world

I’m here to fuck it up

Coz you can’t change the world 

Without it fucking you up enough

To fuck it up…

I’m charged up!

Gimme one more kiss

Bitch, gerrout the way –

I mean Eskay!!!


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