Fuck Nigeria! Fuck The Government


Fuck the name
Fuck her government
Fuck every damn shit she has
Fuck every fucking person she has ever fucked
Fuck everyone who thinks he can save her
And fuck everyone hitting her on the knees
By using her for a pillow
Or sucking every drop of the drink in her vessel
Only spotting the pimples on her face,
Taking her shots from wrong angles
Or by any other fucked means
Those motherfuckers don’t care a hoot about us. They have never and I’m not sure they ever will. So, why the heck do we give a hoot about them? Why the hell are we not turning to enemies of the government?



Fuck her!
She’s left her children hungry long enough

Fuck her!
She can’t even light her lamp for her kids
She doesn’t even have a lamp

Fuck her!
She’s a slut
Who in a bid to protect her virginity, gives her lovers blowjobs



Accuse me of treason! I hate the Nigerian government. They talk so many crap about so many things as if they care. The fact is – they don’t. The fact is, we know. Another fact is, we care. The worst fact is, we are scared. I don’t think America is free from corruption. No country is. So, what the heck is the problem with Nigeria? We are not just ignorant, we are scared like shit! I mean me! I also mean you.



Fuck her!
She’s the heart-broken drama queen
Who only hurt those kind enough to love her

Fuck her!
She’s the lady
Who values her pussy
Than her trade and kids
So the whole world fucks her
But she’s penniless
And her kids are hungry


It pains me that my friends who had great dreams back then in the university are jobless now. It pains me that I still sleep in darkness! It pains me that there’s no air-port in Anambra state. You want to count the number of great men from the state? Where exactly do you want me to start from? It pains me that I can not feel safe in the street once its 10pm. It pains me that I went to a fucked up university. And UNN is one of the best in Nigeria. It pains me that the government gave me no platform to express myself. It pains me that all my friends have issues with Nigeria. And its maddening that no one is doing anything about it coz everyone is scared. We’ve read a lot about those who ended up dead and or frustrated staking their heads out for this country.  And we don’t want to be frustrated. So we keep quiet. Don’t tell me you are not dying slowly. Don’t lie to yourself.



Fuck her!
She is the dirty girl wearing rich cologne
Tryna seal her dirts with the wealth
She could have saved with a good bath.

Fuck her!
She’s the girl who pads up her boobs
When enough care and pride in her real size could make them sexier…



I’m not the smartest Nigerian of my generation. I’ve spoken with guys who could do wonders if they could get a platform. I understand that a stronger person could make a platform for himself if he tries hard enough. But for how long can we be strong without supports? My friend Arizo asked me how I intend to make the impacts I want to make when being a youth seems like its my greatest curse. I’ve thought about that for a while and I really can’t come up with an answer for that. But the fact is, we live in a country that really had and have no plan for us. We are from a country that treats us like illegitimate kids. We feel we have voices but there’s no one ready to hear us. Our parents are too focused on their intelligence to want to hear us. Our uncles giggles when we talk about our dreams. Our aunties only smile to and at us when we share our dreams with them. No one believes in us. We are just there, hoping to be heard. And no one is willing to listen.



Fuck her!
She’s the abused girl
Who yells only of her abuse
And forgets to sing of her dimples…

Fuck her!
She’s the prettiest girl in the class
Who’s let everyone spit on her
Till all she sees in the mirror
Is herself at the back of the class
Ashamed of the wrinkles she doesn’t have…


The thing is, we have more trust in Wizkid than we have on our government. I have a better chance of winning a bet on Olamide’s next song being a hit than on Nigeria being better… Yet, we are scared. What are we scared of. The government can’t get better. And we know… What I don’t know is why we keep hanging hopes on them. What I don’t know is why we can’t take away that hope and place it on something else; ourselves.



Fuck her!
Her boobs are fallen
She wasn’t even breast-feeding her kids

Fuck her!
She’s the girl who cries while beaten
Coz she was too scared to slap back
Coz the world calls her lower


Anyhow we want to think it. If Nigeria has any hope; no matter how slim it it; it is us; the Young Nigerians. We are the only hope this country has. Our government have failed us. Our parents have failed us. Our lecturers have failed us. Our other relatives have failed us. The only person who hasn’t yet is us. We’ve not failed ourselves yet. The question is ‘Do we want to fail ourselves? We are all we’ve got. We should wake up in the morning before them and set forth for our hustles. We should ignore their criticisms and do what we want with our lives. We should say ‘Fuck you’ to the government and be the best we could be for ourselves…



Fuck her!
Soon, her oil would be dried up
And she’d have nothing to show
For all the beauty
She could see nature gave her

Fuck her!
She’s the dumb girl
All you need to fuck her
Is a smile; despite how fake


We shouldn’t fail ourselves. Coz we are all we’ve got. All these old men would be gone tomorrow. And all that would remain would be all we allowed. So, why the fuck are we not fighting this fucked up government. You don’t want to be seventy and live in the regrets of not doing your best in keeping something worthwhile for your kids. Our parents have failed us. We can’t do same!


Once again, ‘FUCK THE government!’ Guess why I used the small letters for them, they don’t exist! Arse-holes!



Fuck her!

She deserves all she’s got

Fuck her!
She should go to hell if she can’t get better!

Oh! Damn
If anyone ever get fucked this much
And all she needs is a closer look
From herself
At herself
… Well…
Fuck her!
If she doesn’t get it still





One thought on “Fuck Nigeria! Fuck The Government

  1. There you go again Ebus.
    What would have possessed your thoughts to have scribbled such a great piece?
    Well I now begin to wonder if this could be a topic for the younger ones to better prepare themselves having come to understand “What the fuck their government is a complete mess and an abyss of hopelessness.” about not giving a damn to any of her bullshits.
    If copies of this masterpiece could be distributed to every young Nigeria citizens.
    I strongly believe a mental revolution of every youths is not far fetched.

    Liked by 2 people

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