I think the greatest problem with the world is: instead of focusing on being good, most of us focus on looking good. The fact is, when you are good, everyone around you would know. The question is – what exactly does it mean to be good? And how long can one be good in a world so… Fill up the gap…


Visit the motherless babies home, pay someone’s school fees, send a friend some money and not worry about his pay-back promises, help an old woman, help a brother with some joint, try make her cum when you lay hands on her pussy, get your kid sister a nice dress, buy your uncle a bottle of beer, teach your kid brother a thing or two, tell your kid sister she’s beautiful and say nice words to people. What else? You know…


Some times, I find my conscience judging me. No judgement haunts more than that. And sometimes, I ask myself ‘Do other people have conscience too?’ Yeah, the question sounds childish but really, how did the world become so fucked up? Maybe that’s a line I caught from Sense8. But really, is the world not fucked up? Why the hell should you care? Why do I? How is my conscience making me a better person? What the fuck is the job of that conscience when we could shut it up in a blink?


What do we need guns for? Billions of dollars are spent on ammunition yearly. I mean, in a countries where some can’t afford school fees. How many kids are serious with education in America? You want to talk about Africa? I live in Nigeria and here people don’t pray for a better country, we pray for our relatives to get great political appointments so we could take some bites of the National Cake. That’s why everyone who doesn’t have a politician relative is mad at politicians. In most cases, it’s not coz the politicians are horrible at their jobs – one doesn’t need a 6th sense to figure that out, it’s just coz we are not the ones enjoying bites of the National cake. How else could you explain the fact that after fifty years gaining independence, a blessed country like ours still talk of fuel scarcity? And the fuel’s price keeps getting higher. Damn! I’m diverting. This was meant to be aimed at everybody, not my fucked-up lovely country.


I think it’s high time every cock-sucking newspaper house gets closed, coz one could hardly read truth off them. But the fact is, if you do that, millions of people would be out of jobs. And the depression could cause something worse than what ever America did to Hiroshima. So, how the hell could you get the world better? You don’t want to know the number of people the arrest of Frank Lucas; a black-American drug lord, put out of jobs. You don’t want to know the number of people who died as a result of that and you don’t want to know the blood he wasted to move his dope while he was in business. And you don’t want to know the number of kids the dope numbed their heads or the life lessons everyone who experienced that got. So, how do you start judging Frank Lucas? If you had his kind of temperament and his exact life experience, you may have ended up the same person, just probably with a different name. So, from which stand point should we judge? Why should we even judge? Why the hell does anyone need a conscience?


Okay… You have a great conscience… So, what? Another person has a great voice and another can buy your whole family and knock them out of existence with either money, pussy, manipulations… You get the point? There is as much problem on earth like there is none. The only problem in the world is that humanity is fucked up. The greater problem is, you can’t help it. Yeah! Henry Ford made automobile production easier and made it cheaper for people. Who hasn’t lost a loved one to an auto-crash? Or does this shit only happen in Nigeria? The summary of this crap I’m writing here is ‘The world is not fucked up’, your thinking makes it so and more. You may be as depressed I am but your depression would only eats your damn brain up. And the world would keep being what it is despite how dark your soul gets. But the much you could do is live your life, call yourself a hero, do what you got to do and make sure you at least smile a second before you die – whatever kills you. And let that smile say ‘Bye’. Coz those who take the problem of the world at heart, die on the cross like Jesus – with two thieves by the side and a lot of people ready to kill him if he ever shows up again. You know why? Although he changed the world, he never made it a better place. The world is meant to be fucked-up, just don’t fuck up yourself worrying about it.


On that note, I would say ‘RIP to every dead person. RIP to trying to make the world a better place. RIP to my conscience – I hope you could someday, stop haunting me, Bitch…’


9 thoughts on “RIP

  1. Truth be told the world is generally sick and that’s why it’s important that a higher power is relied upon (Jesus Christ). I particularly agree with about the education issue, people especially Africans don’t know that there is still illiteracy in America, America just like the rest of the world suffers from their share of woes! May God help us all


    1. You think Jesus will change the world? To what exactly? How did it go when he came here? (if he ever cane anyway). My point is the world can only be cured starting from you. Baby heal yourself and avoid another sickness. The world will be fine.


  2. Need, like everything, is a thing of the mind. You’re a god – although you may seek for higher power anywhere (Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Highness) , the highest power, like they say in Peak advert ‘is in you…’ Thank you!!!


  3. And then Ebuka you are mad. That’s all I have to say. I totally don’t think there is a problem with the world. I think the problem is here in this your nothing is spelt nothing space. If you close up this blog, the world will be like the folktale’s garden of Eden. My own mind.


  4. In their eyes the world went to fuck… And now the world becomes
    fucked. The next question is who the hell fucked the world???

    And Ebuka in his hypothesis has given us a clue in getting the answer. Though a theory.


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