Am I The Only 1?

 I just finished smoking a wrap of joint. What do you call it; igbo, weed, pot or marijuana? Yeah! So, you know now!


I’m 23. People say I’m the most confused human being they’ve ever met. Really? I’m confused? You bet I am. But am I the most confused? Am I the only confused? I don’t think so. Every goddamn person on earth is confused; hence the word; God damned; just join the two words together and take away the ‘ed’. One thing I am is the dude who is not ashamed of his confusion.


I love pusies! I love girls! I love good cloths and like my friend; Dera would say ‘I love love’. But beyond everything, I love aesthetics, I love art, I’m mad about pictures, I could marry WORDS if she were human, I adore excellence, I love growth, I love success and I love better, although I’d prefer marrying best. And I do love myself. In other word, I love giving myself the best. You know why? I guess your guess is right. Its the same reason you want the best for yourself; coz you think you deserve the best. You do, as much as I do.

  Image Courtesy: Femd Daniel

  My question is, if you want the best for yourself; why do you keep letting people tell you the best for you? How can they know your best better than you? Ever thought of that? Well, do now! I really can’t understand why we keep shrinking ourselves to fit into others’ idea of what’s good for us. I mean, we pride ourselves as smart; yeah…? Or am I the only one?


I think Nigerian youths are the most pretentious people on earth. How do manage to suck up to things we don’t like and spend the night wishing we could? We literary suck up to everything; lecturers, parents, house neighbours, uncles, friends, the society at large and so on… Yet, when someone stands up against those people, we call that person (Who is doing what we wish we could do) ‘crazy’!


I mean, who really loves lectures? Who really doesn’t want to be a boss? Who doesn’t want to face the dad and say ‘Dad, I’m matured enough to make my own choice!’. Who doesn’t dream of telling his state governor ‘Dude, you shouldn’t be doing this or that’. Who doesn’t want to fly to the moon or change one thing about the world? You? Really? You just have been marginalised to think you can’t; SIMPLE!


So, before you look at that guy who spends more time in studio recording his songs than in your boring lecture room and call him ‘MAD’, before you tell that writer friend of yours to tone down his writing, before you advice your friend to kiss his parents arse, before you say shit about the smart girl who turned down a banking job for her dreams, before you call that dude who hate going to church ‘Devilish!’, before you call that hot girl defending her dressing ‘a slut’, before you move on to the next thing you wanna do now ask yourself this simple question ‘When was the last time I did something I really liked, something that makes me feel good, something I was only implored to do by myself, something I couldn’t believe I could do, something I’m really proud of, something brave, something original…?’




Don’t lie to yourself; you are crazy; I’m not.


One thought on “Am I The Only 1?

  1. When was d last time I did something I really like dat got me thinking cos ve been wanting to do sometin crazy but ve been unable to and hey dude u mentioned my name am gonna break ur head gud piece sweet dats wats up


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