The Girl With Purple Lipstick 

Am I beginning to listen to too many Drake? Who am I kidding? It must be Ed Sheeran. No! I guess it’s Neyo. Or is it old Phil Collins? Or all these romance Rock I hear my friend play? Nope! It must be One Direction or my old Westlife collection. Now I remember… It must be…
I guess it’s her dark lipstick. Purple; that’s the color. It makes her look like the kind of monster you see in movies; as deadly as they are pretty. I mean; as sexy as they are homicidal; as charming as they are devilish. I guess it’s the cinema connection after all. I guess it feels good lying to oneself. This is different from the Inception thrill. This is… Well, find me a word.
I’ve not even kissed her. Helen would say I’m growing up. Dera would call it one of my many crazy shades. What would Diogo call it? Probably the unpredictability that’s one of my characteristics. Damn it! What’s wrong about me trying to be a gentleman.
She hates my funny hat. And my offish pendants. I hate the fact that she hates them. And I hate the fact that she wants to choke me with her religious views. I think I’m gradually finding a cure for that. But I like her voice. You know that moment you return home after taking a long walk or after your early morning warm up and the AC is on. You know that chill in the air. That coolness that gently flows through your blood stream and calm your weak nerves. That’s the exact feel you get when she speaks. I call that ‘AC voice’. You should hear her laugh at that.
Like every other girl, she likes my writing. I would say they marvel them. But unlike every other girl, she spends more time trying to learn that she does, trying to act smart. I’ve never been with a girl as curious as she is. And she’s not the type that sucks up to your ‘No’. She keeps asking. And she’s not the type that jumps into every opportunity to speak. She makes you want the answer. And she never answers until you deserve it. I’m gradually learning the easier way to.
I love her knowledge of wine. She’s a wine connoisseur. And she loves wine. She loves it to the extent that she cheated me on the first bottle. Bet me, although I let her win, I made sure I showed the stuff I was made off. And she had a loud cackle. It was almost hysterical. And damn! She was shameless…
I think it’s too early writing about a girl I just met… Well, who defines early…? I mean, what would come next? How she came over someday and we have this big fight that ends up with someone kissing the next person. And we end up in bed…? Come on! That’s so cheesy. What if I stop picking her calls till she decides it’s high time she stopped calling and then make the tougher decision; deciding to go by her decisions. What if it takes the natural course; she comes the next day and we end up having our first kiss and I cut it off somewhere in between and bid her goodbye. And then, we make out the next time. You wouldn’t expect me to kiss and tell; would you? I’m not the average guy. That is why I don’t write about the people I hang out with. There’s always the worry about what to give out and what to conceal. There’s always a tough fight between expressing oneself and being objective. That is why that would be all you’d know of The Girl With A Purple Lip-stick….
Oh! I forgot… I like it when she smiles. She looks as calm as my kid sister. Take your mind off the gutter. I would never say ‘sometimes I wish I were sure her boobs are as great as they look inside her cloths.’ I should probably ask her. Or try finding out without asking. Ebuka, come on, be civil for once in your life. I will, once fine boobs are cleared off the surface of the earth. Don’t ever say ‘Amen!’ To that, please…
That’s not what I forgot. I forgot to say ‘I think she’d make a great designer’… I don’t know what’s holding such talent back…

3 thoughts on “The Girl With Purple Lipstick 

  1. ‘She looks as calm as my kid sister’. ‘Helen would say I’m growing up’ Lol. I love this, but wouldn’t really want to meet the fellow. To think that she likes wines, sorry, I guess I need to talk wines with her and probably help spur her into being a designer.


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