The Prof In Professor 

So, I woke up this morning feeling like a philosopher. For those who don’t know what that means, well, Philosophy is defined as… Fuck it! I don’t know the definition as well, so who cares? Yeah! Yeah! What am I feeling like? Well, I just told you. Alright! That said, let’s role.
Why must the beer we love ruin the liver we need? Why must doing it raw which is the sweetest way of doing it be the one that exposes us to not just diseases but also exposes the chick to unwanted pregnancy? What the fuck does that even mean? And why must an innocent kid who didn’t enjoy the wine before the act or get as little as a peep during the act be the one to be washed away by some chemical in the hospital?

And who says he’s not lucky? I mean, while depressed, I sometimes wish my parents were college undergrads when I was conceived. I mean the kind with enough heart to abort me. Why are you not thinking I could be mad? 

Why would the body system need at least ten hours of sleep daily when having that number of rest daily is approximate to being dead broke? Why must the God who claims he loves us more than our father, threaten to send us to hell just for living in the sin we cherish more than his holy gospels and house? Come on, he loves us more than our father; yeah? And he knows everything; yeah? Why the hell would he place that evil fruit in the garden when he knows the serpent would tempt Eve who would in turn tempt his dumb-ass husband? 

Why would the black man have long dick but empty brain? And why is there not a dick or fucking competition so we black people could lead at something? And they say nature is not partial. Oh! I forgot, we lead in whimpering and blaming the whites for what we keep allowing them turn us into. Why must every great man be either a prick or an arsehole or a perfect imperfect combination of the two? Why haven’t you stopped reading this shit yet?

Why must the human heart be given double responsibilities? Did it say pumping blood ain’t enough for it? And why can’t scientist discover that part of the body that really controls our emotions so I could go for a fucking surgery and rip the shit out? Why must everyone thinks he has more problems than the next person yet believe he’s better than that same person? Why must joblessness not be a job; I mean, how easy it is to spend the whole day, doing Nothing? Why must there be too much competition in the world when it takes monopoly to actually lead?

… And why must I get high before I could be this philosophical or crazy rather? And why would you be so gullible as to believe that or to doubt it now?
And why are you not feeling insulted right now?

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