The Difference

In Things Fall Apart, Wole Soyinka wrote ‘The difference between yam and cassava is not a difference in betterment but just a differentiational difference’

Hey! Calm down… Please take some chill pills before you think of attacking me. And while the pills dissolve in your system, let me first of all hit you above the belt….
If it never occurred to you that there’s no word like differentiational, then you need to get back to the dumb four walls you wasted your primary school days and demand for your balance; your teachers didn’t do their job.

If you ever asked yourself ‘Is Soyinka the author of Things Fall Apart?’. You need to be flown to Mercury so you’d melt. If religious fanatics could burn people for not believing in God, literature lovers should do worse to every literary-ignoramus.

And if you ever thought that kind of crap is anywhere in the pages of Things Fall Apart… Well… I bet you know you need to hide yourself in some grave below the surface of the earth. I don’t mean hell but you could do yourself the favour of burning yourself with fire when you get there.

But then… I guess you get the thought behind the statement. If you don’t… I don’t want to take your name to Amadioha but I sure would advice you to stop reading my blog… Ebuka! Please, don’t mind me, that was just a slip of thought. But come on, how could you not mind me while still reading my blog?

Of recent I’ve been making some observations on comparison. We have eight continents, right? Or is it seven? Come on, why is China not a continent? I mean, she’s more populated than some continents… I hope I’m right. How many languages do we have? Even Google can’t supply you a perfect answer to that as some languages in some thick bushes are not counted in the list. Then we have tribes, genders, ages, hair colors, skin textures, heights, temperaments, religions and… I hope you don’t expect me to fill up the list.

But here is my point… Do I really have a point? Ebuka! Can you fuck the point talk and focus on the point you’re making? That’s… What’s the word for fucking points? Pointxualism or pointxualisation? Whatever…

I think the differences in the groups; either the natural ones or the ones we create for ourselves tend to push most of us into making comparisons. Due to humans natural jingoism, most of us needs to remind ourselves that being in the group we find ourselves makes us either superior or inferior to the person in the next group.

My question is, ‘Is comparison necessary?’. Has it in any way made life better for any one? Should every black man go get a machete and kill anybody with a different skin color? Should every white man get a bomb and blast people from other races. Or should Asians clear the earth of non-Asians with their tikwando?
Let’s say the black man wins. I am a black man, murtherfucker, I should win in my imaginary war. Go kill yourself and reduce the world population if you ain’t cool with that.

But, let’s say that happens. Very soon, we would discover that among us are too many tribes. That I believe would lead to another mode of varnishing. What next, the remaining tribe would discover it was really made up of different clans. Then the fight continues until only one clan remains. Do you think the fight would end here? Definitely not. Families make up clans. Now, the families have to fight with each other. Let’s say a family of six wins. How long do you think they would last before each individual discovers the difference between him/herself and every other person. And then… Don’t tell me you don’t know what would happen. Come on, another fight would take place. And that would lead us to the situation where there would be only one man on earth; definitely me.
So, what then would happen to me? Definitely a happy ever after, right? In my dreams. Someday, my hand would wake up and decide to kill every part of my body as they are all different from it. Then we would have only the hand. And later the arm would fight with the fingers and the fingers would win and… Bet me, the fight would never end… Bet me, the fight better not start….
But something else could happen to the world. We could learn to see difference as just difference, as the difference in the colors that make up the rainbow; the difference that only helps in making it more colorful.

So, we could stop bothering ourselves over the question ‘Who is the better film-maker among James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese or if Christianity is better than Islamism. If Koreans are more heartless than Russians? Racist! Be candid, are you not one? Be candid; you’re not. Of course you are. And when we look at the mirror, we could start thinking of how to look the best way we can instead of killing ourselves over looking hotter than our friends or foes.

At the end of the day, comparing ourselves to others would limit us from reaching the greatest goal in life; being the best we could be. Coz that moment we compare ourself to the next person, we’ve only valued ourselves from their height; a height we can’t reach; a height not worth our reach…

So, why the fuck!…

Oh! You wanted this to be longer. Well, I’m exhausted right now.

One more thing…

2 thoughts on “The Difference

  1. Now,this is really worth a few thoughts on..people today never think of what happens in the long run.
    It’s nice dat sm1 is actually speaking out!
    Really cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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